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Project Info

Building the final phase of the Regional Connector: Closure of Little Tokyo/Arts District Station and Temple Street

Starting October 24th, 2020 through Fall 2022, Regional Connector will build the underground tunnel box for the L Line (Gold) along Alameda St between 1st St and the 101 Santa Ana Freeway. This work will permanently close the Little Tokyo/Arts District Station. A free bus shuttle will replace the L Line (Gold) service during the 22-month service interruption. Shuttles will serve Union Station, Little Tokyo/Arts District and Pico/Aliso stations in both directions.

An extended street closure of Temple St east of Alameda St is also planned to allow for the construction of the Temple St portal and the underground tunnel box. The L Line (Gold) bridge ramp connecting Little Tokyo to Union Station will also be reconstructed.

As part of the final construction, the tracks from East LA and Azusa will both be connected to the tunnel. The current Little Tokyo/Arts District street-level station will be demolished and replaced by a new underground station. These updates are the beginning of greater connectivity for all Angelenos. The A, E and L Lines are scheduled to begin using the new tunnels in late 2022.