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Metro's GCP

As an international leader in environmental and sustainability practices, Metro has created a Green Construction Policy (GCP) for its planning, construction, operations and procurement activities.

By adopting this policy, Metro is committed to using greener, less polluting construction equipment and vehicles, and will implement best practices to reduce harmful emissions in all construction projects performed on Metro properties and rights-of-way.

Metro’s GCP applies ONLY to Metro contractors and Metro construction projects.


The GCP provides requirements for:

  1. Identifying and mitigating diesel exhaust emission impacts from on-road and off-road equipment used during Metro construction and development activities, on human health and the environment.
  2. Implementing appropriate Best Management Practices to complement equipment mitigations.
  3. Implementing strategies to ensure compliance with this policy.

The ultimate goal is to reduce harmful air emissions (particularly particulate matter and nitrogen oxides) while minimizing any significant impact to cost and schedule in any existing construction project.

Metro Contractors

For all Metro construction projects or construction projects on Metro rights-of-way, Metro requires contractors to implement the provisions of the GCP to the greatest extent possible.

Metro incorporated specific GCP requirements into contract specifications that may be included in your project contract documents and may be different from those in other projects. A copy of Metro’s GCP Contract Specifications and Submittals is located to the right under “Policy & Specifications”.

For more information about Metro’s GCP requirements, please refer to the resources available here for download.