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The Active Transportation Program (ATP) is a biannual competitive funding opportunity for projects that encourage increased bicycling and walking. The ATP is a state-administered program that distributes both state and federal funds. The ATP is a key source of funding for bicycle and pedestrian projects statewide and in Los Angeles County. Since 2014, Los Angeles County projects have been awarded $451 million from the ATP.

Los Angeles County ATP-Funded Projects

Metro's Role in Selecting ATP Projects

A portion of ATP funding is distributed in a regional competition. In the Southern California region, Metro helps select projects from Los Angeles County by evaluating projects’ consistency with local and regional plans. Below is the latest methodology for this evaluation.

ATP Cycle 5 Regional Program Scoring

Metro Grant Assistance Program

The ATP is a major source of funding for active transportation improvements. In fact it is one of the only major resources statewide. Metro wants to make maximize opportunities for funding projects in Los Angeles County. We administer a grant assistance program that provides selected local agencies with resources to develop competitive applications. Below are the latest Metro Board actions on the grant assistance program.

ATP Cycle 5 Priorities Framework

ATP Project Delivery and Implementation

Metro wants to help local agencies with ATP-funded projects succeed in delivering projects on-time and in compliance with ATP requirements. The following resources and tools are available to assist.

Metro Resources for Active Transportation

Metro has developed a variety of plans, toolkits, and programs to help support local and regional active transportation activities. Below are available resources