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Schedule of Activities

Tentative Schedule of Activities

After detailed evaluation and ranking by a panel including external representatives, Metro staff, in consultation with the Metro’s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), will recommend to the Metro Board a program of projects for each funding category. This program of projects is scheduled for Metro Board review and approval in December 2019, and FTA review and approval in February 2020. A tentative schedule for the 2019 Section 5310 Grant Program is as follows:

Notice of Funding Availability:  Release Solicitation for Proposals

April 30, 2019

Convene Potential Applicant Workshops*

May 16 & 21, 2019

5310 Applications Due

July 31, 2019

Application Review and Evaluation Period

August 2019

Applicant Preliminary Notification of Funding Recommendations & Debriefing

September 2019

TAC Appeal Hearings

October 2, 2019

Board Approval:  Funding Award Recommendations

December 2019

FTA Grant Application - TrAMS

December 2019

Convene Successful Applicant Workshops

January 2020

FTA Grant Approval

February 2020

* Additional workshops may be held upon request.