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Fact at a Glance

Annual Benefits to LA County

  • $325,000,000 savings to motorists in time and fuel based on $25,000,000 annual budget and a 13:1 benefit to cost ratio – for every $1 spent, there is a $13 benefit to motorists
  • 300,000 assists performed each year (average), and over 7,000,000 assists since 1991
  • 9,454,840 hours motorists saved from sitting in traffic
  • 16,253,000 gallons of fuel savings
  • 150,000 kg of emissions savings
  • The average wait time for FSP service is seven minutes (the average wait time for AAA service is over 30 minutes)
  • The Los Angeles County FSP program generates one-half of the cumulative benefits of the 14 FSP programs in the state

Service Delivery

  • 149 tow and service trucks operating during peak commuting hours
  • 44 tow trucks operating during the middle of the day (weekdays)
  • 43 tow trucks operating weekends during the heaviest travel hours
  • 43 beats (designated freeway segments contracted to tow service providers)
  • 475 freeway miles serviced in LA County

The FSP program is designed to assist motorists in the following categories and areas:

  • General Purpose Freeway Lanes: Assistance for most cars, light trucks, vans and SUVs weighing less than 6,000 GVWR.

  • Big Rig Lanes: Assistance on the I-710 and the SR-91 Freeways to semi-trucks with trailers and other large vehicles.

  • ExpressLanes: Assistance to motorists utilizing the ExpressLanes segments of the I-110 and I-10 corridors.