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Active Projects

East San Fernando Valley Transit Corridor

The East San Fernando Valley First/Last Mile Plan will identify and develop biking and walking improvements connecting to the 14 stations of the planned Metro Rail corridor, which will connect the Orange Line Van Nuys station in Los Angeles to the city of San Fernando to the north.

Metro Orange Line Improvements First/Last Mile Plan

As part of new gating and grade separation improvements to the Orange Line, Metro will develop two new plans for first/last mile improvements at the reconstructed Sepulveda and Van Nuys stations. The project will address the Sepulveda Station area, as Van Nuys will be covered as part of the East San Fernando Valley Transit Corridor First/Last Mile Plan .

Sepulveda Station First/Last Mile Survey

As a way to inform the development of walking and bicycling projects near the Sepulveda Station, Metro has created an interactive map-based survey for the community to share their first/last mile improvement ideas and priorities. Metro wants to hear from those who live, work or take transit in the area. Take the English version of the survey here and the Spanish version here .

Expo/Crenshaw First/Last Mile Plan

The Expo/Crenshaw First/Last Mile Plan will identify walking and rolling access improvements to the Expo/Crenshaw Station, which will become a key transfer point upon the opening of the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project. These street improvements will also support access to the planned Metro and LA County joint development adjacent to the future station.

Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities

Administered by the Strategic Growth Council, the AHSC Program funds land-use, housing, transportation, and land preservation projects to support .infill and compact development that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Metro provided support to the County and the City of Los Angeles on three applications for the 2018 funding cycle.