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Metro ExpressLanes is a program designed to improve traffic flow and provide enhanced travel options in Los Angeles County. ExpressLanes provide mobility and offer safe and reliable trip for users. More choices for solo drivers. More rewards for carpoolers. More transit service.

Tolls on the ExpressLanes will be calculated using Congestion Pricing. Congestion pricing provides an opportunity to sell some of the additional capacity on the ExpressLanes to those willing to pay a toll and maximizes efficiency of the entire freeway. It is designed to keep traffic in the ExpressLanes flowing smoothly, resulting in a more reliable travel time. Tolls on the ExpressLanes are based on real-time traffic conditions and vary according to the level of congestion in the ExpressLanes. The toll is higher when there is more traffic in the ExpressLanes, and lower when traffic is lighter.

Solo drivers
Solo Drivers

With new access to the ExpressLanes, solo drivers can now beat the traffic and save time by choosing to use the ExpressLanes as a toll-paying customer.

Carpools and Motorcycles
Carpool Carpools

Eligible carpools with FasTrak Flex travel the ExpressLanes toll-free and are automatically enrolled in the Loyalty program to earn toll credits or gift card rewards.

Metro Vanpools
Metro Vanpool Metro Vanpools

Vanpools continue to share the ride on the ExpressLanes toll-free, earn gift card rewards through the Loyalty Program, and benefit from a van lease subsidy.

Transit Riders
Transit Riders Transit Riders

Riders on select transit lines* along the ExpressLanes corridors enjoy more frequent service. That means getting where you need to go faster. Plus, with the Transit Rewards program, you can earn ExpressLanes toll credits for riding.

*Metro, Gardena Municipal Bus, Foothill Transit, Los Angeles Department of Transportation, Torrance Transit and more