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Watch the videos below to learn more about Metro ExpressLanes.

English videos

Individual Videos

It's About Time video Metro ExpressLanes: It's About Time (04:01)
Follow Jason as he discovers the benefits and rewards of using the Metro ExpressLanes during his daily commute.
How it Works How it Works (02:25)
This video explains all the basics you need to know about how the Metro ExpressLanes work.
Congestion Pricing video Congestion Pricing (1:36)
This video explains how Congestion Pricing on the Metro ExpressLanes works.
Rules of the Road video Rules of the Road (2:40)
Enforcement of the correct use of Metro ExpressLanes is critical to keeping the lanes free-flowing at all times. This video explains the CHP-enforced rules of the road.
Carpool Loyalty Program video Carpool Loyalty Program (01:57)
Carpoolers that use the Metro ExpressLanes earn rewards through the Carpool Loyalty Program. Watch to find out how the program works.
Where to Get Fastrak Video Where to Get FasTrak® (2:19)
Find out where to get FasTrak® now in this video.