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Green ExpressLanes

Green Corridors Fact Sheet (printable version)

1. FACT: Metro is a world-class leader in adopting new technologies without harming air quality in Southern California.

GREEN: The ExpressLanes Demo Project introduces congestion pricing through the use of toll technology on carpool lanes on I-10 and I-110 as a tool to reduce congestion and air pollution.

The California Air Resources Board determined that air pollution emissions are 250% higher under congested conditions than during free-flowing traffic. So when traffic congestion exists, not only are people frustrated by not getting where they need to go, but they cause additional air pollution by not getting there. HOT lanes reduce air pollution by reducing traffic congestion.

Because HOT lanes also reduce traffic congestion in “free” lanes, they also help reduce air pollution emissions in “free” lanes. Excess toll revenues must be reinvested in transit/carpool lane improvements in the corridor where they are generated.

2. FACT: Metro’s transit services reduce air pollution by about 76 tons each day in Los Angeles County.

GREEN: The ExpressLanes Demo Project will acquire 51 Clean Natural Gas (CNG) buses and 6 gas/hybrid buses. These buses will operate on the I-10 and I-110 ExpressLanes. In addition, some of these new buses will begin operation at least five months before the toll demonstration begins.

3. FACT: Metro is committed to buildings that help us serve the public and respect our environment.

GREEN: The ExpressLanes Demo Project will construct the El Monte Transit Center Expansion, the direct connector to the Patsaourus Plaza, and the Union Division to achieve a silver rating by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

4. FACT: Metro is a national leader in promoting and funding bicycle routes.

GREEN: The ExpressLanes Demo Project will add bike lockers at the El Monte Transit Center and Artesia Transit Center.

5. FACT: Metro partners with LA businesses to give commuters better options.

GREEN: The ExpressLanes Demo Project will add 100 new vanpools to the I-10 and I-110 ExpressLanes.

6. FACT: An Environmental Document is required for the ExpressLanes.

GREEN: Caltrans is the lead agency for the environmental documents. Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs) are available at the state level, while Federal Environmental Assessment public hearings will be held when the draft documents are available for public review.