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The new El Monte Station, which opened on October 14, 2012, was expanded to more than double its size, with a two-level bus terminal station with 29 bays. The state-of-the-art facility, the largest west of Chicago, is a major regional transfer center serving 22,000 Metro, Foothill Transit, El Monte Transit and Greyhound passengers daily, with the potential to accommodate nearly twice that capacity. The El Monte Station connects the San Gabriel Valley to Downtown LA and the rest of the Metro bus and rail system via the Metro Silver Line.

The station features a new transit store, where Metro and Foothill Transit fare media can be purchased, and a Metro ExpressLanes Customer Service Center to sign up for a FasTrak account and transponder to use on the Metro ExpressLanes. A sculpture by renowned artist Donald Lipski is incorporated in the new El Monte Station as part of Metro's public art program. "Time Piece" features three functional clocks suspended from a sweeping stainless steel arch using a web of thin stainless steel cables. 

Metro Bike Hub

The El Monte Station will feature a brand new secure bicycle parking room to better serve multi-modal travelers. The Metro Bike Hub will open with parking for 60 bikes, a bike repair stand and bike pump, as well as controlled access and 24-hour security cameras. Users will need to register and pay a small fee to access the area - similar to Metro's bicycle locker program. Located in the south building near the station entrance, the new Metro Bike Hub is expected to open toward the end of the year and is the first of several similar facilities planned.


Silver 2 Silver Service

Riding the Metro Silver Line or Foothill Transit Silver Streak between El Monte Station and Downtown LA is easier than ever before. That’s because Metro and Foothill Transit have teamed up to offer a new and convenient combined “Silver 2 Silver” service.

Metro 30-Day, 7-Day or Day Passes and Foothill Transit 31-Day Passes are now accepted on Metro or Foothill buses, and riders paying cash pay the same fare no matter which bus they take. Riders can just board the first bus to arrive - Silver Line or Silver Streak - show their fare media from either Metro or Foothill Transit on either line, and be on their way.

Silver 2 Silver Fares: Because the Silver Line and Silver S treak run primarily on freeways, special fares apply, as shown below: Metro Silver Line Foothill Transit Silver Streak
Cash Fare $2.45 $2.45
Senior/Disabled/Medicare Cash Fare $1.15 Peak
$0.85 Off-Peak
$1.15 All Day
30/31 Day or EZ transit pass Honored as Cash Fare
Metro Day Pass Honored as Cash Fare Honored as Cash Fare
Metro 7-Day Pass $0.95 Additional $0.95 Additional
Metro 30-Day Pass $0.95 Additional $0.95 Additional
Metro 30-Day Pass + 1 zone $0.25 Additional $0.25 Additional
Metro 30-Day Pass + 2 zones Honored as Cash Fare Honored as Cash Fare
Foothill Transit Silver Streak 31 -Day Pass Honored as Cash Fare Honored as Cash Fare
Foothill Transit 31 -Day Local Pass $1.20 Additional $1.20 Additional
EZ transit pass $0.95 Additional $0.95 Additional
EZ transit pass + 1 zone $0.25 Additional $0.25 Additional
EZ transit pass + 2 zones Honored as Cash Fare Honored as Cash Fare
    Zone 3 sticker required outside Silver 2 Silver zone

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Construction Notices

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Upper Level Waterproofing Project
Area: Upper deck of El Monte Station

Construction coming to an end - Beginning Monday, August 17, 2015 at approximately 6am, El Monte Station will finish construction on the waterproofing project for the entire upper level. Bay assignments for all buses on the upper level will go back to their originally assigned bays. Please refer to the illustration below for correct bay assignments.


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