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Nomination Form - LA Metro Sustainability Council

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Member Positions by Sector/Area:

1. Local Government members representing, one each, the County of Los Angeles, City of Los Angeles, and smaller cities/other jurisdictions (3) Seats
2. Non-Government Agencies (NGO) members representing each of the following areas: (7) Seats
a. Water Resources
b. Water Quality
c. Energy
d. Air Quality (including the urban heat island effect)
e. Habitat and Natural Resources
f. Climate
g. Material and Resources
3. NGO members representing Social Justice, Environmental Justice, and Equity (1) Seats
4. Design Professionals (Architects/Engineers) representing expertise on the implementation of sustainable solutions; (2) Seats
5. Member representing Landscape and Infrastructure Design (1) Seat
6. Member representing Local Labor Unions (Non-Metro) (1) Seat
7. Member representing Public Health (1) Seat
8. Member representing LA METRO Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) (1) Seat
9. Member representing LA METRO Transportation Business Advisory Council (TBAC) (1) Seat
10. Member representing the Associated General Contractors (AGC) (1) Seat
11. Members representing the green building and services industry (2) Seat
12. Member representing the real estate development community (1) Seats
13. Academic Institutions member representing research and innovation (1) Seat
14. Foreign organization representing ideas from foreign entities that would be useful for the interests of this group (1) Seat
15. LA METRO staff whose work and responsibilities pertain to the interests and issues of the COUNCIL; and (3) Seats
16. Future membership seats as dictated by these by-laws and voted by COUNCIL members (3) Seats
Total Council Member Seats (30) Seats
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