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Technical Study

    • Metro has completed the Eastside Transit Corridor Phase 2 Technical Study. The Technical Study was completed in response to a  November 2014 Board Motion that directed staff to: Conduct additional technical investigation to address major areas of concern raised by Cooperating Agencies, corridor cities and stakeholders;
    • Identify of a new north-south connection for the Washington Boulevard LRT Alternative and;
    • Explore the feasibility of operating both the SR 60 LRT and Washington Boulevard LRT Alternatives.

    Metro staff investigated these issues in the Technical Study through technical analysis, coordination with resource agencies, and through updates and feedback received during extensive stakeholder outreach. Upon conclusion of the Technical Study, Metro staff recommended the following updated project definition, which the Metro Board approved at its May 2017 meeting:

    • SR 60 North Side Design Variation (NSDV) LRT Alternative:
      • In November 2014, the Metro Board requested updating the SR 60 LRT Alternative to include the North Side Design Variation (NSDV)
      • Metro staff carried forward this alternative as part of the May 2017 updated project definition.
    • Washington Boulevard LRT Alternative – Atlantic Below-Grade Concept
    • Combined Concept

    A summary of the technical investigations, coordination and outreach, and findings from the Technical Study can be found here: