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A Supplemental/Recirculated Draft Environmental Impact Statement/ Environmental Impact Report (EIS/EIR) for the Project will update the 2014 Draft EIS/EIR.  The reinitiated Draft EIS/EIR will consider the following:

  • Update the Project’s purpose and need
  • Evaluate refinements on alternatives and the Combined Alternative to address comments received on the 2014 Draft EIS/EIR
  • Changes in the community since 2014
  • Update ridership and travel time projections
  • Environmental impacts
  • Analyze grade crossings
  • Identify locations for maintenance and storage facilities
  • Develop minimum operable segments.

As part of these efforts, Metro conducted scoping meetings to receive formal comments on the scope of Supplemental/Recirculated Draft EIS/EIR in June 2019. The scoping meeting materials and a video recording of the presentation are available here .

Public Scoping Meetings are an important step in the preparation of a Draft EIS/R that must be completed, in accordance with federal/state the requirements for this Project.

A Supplemental/Recirculated Draft EIS/EIR is anticipated to be available for public review in 2021. This process will include public hearings and a comment period for the submittal of comments on the Supplemental/Recirculated Draft EIS/EIR.

Throughout the environmental review phase, Metro staff will continue to provide project updates to stakeholders and provide the necessary tools and resources to keep communities informed. Opportunities to provide feedback will also be scheduled at key milestones in the planning process.

As part of these efforts, the project team will continue to engage the community through information sessions, tours, among other community events and activities in the coming months to continue to gather feedback about the project.

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