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Project Funding & Schedule

Project Funding

Thanks to voter support of the Los Angeles County Traffic Improvement Plan (The Plan) - presented to voters as Ballot Measure M - in November 2016, Metro allocated $6 billion to the Eastside Transit Corridor Phase 2 Project. Funding for this project, per The Plan’s funding schedule, has been programmed in two cycles.

  • Cycle 1 allocates $3 billion in 2029
  • Cycle 2 allocates $3 billion in 2053

The Project is also identified in Metro’s Reimagining LA County Plan (also known as the 28 by 2028 Initiative) as a high priority project. Per the Plan/Initiative, if funding can be secured prior to the programmed 2029 funding cycle, one alternative (yet-to-be determined) could begin construction earlier (in anticipation of the 2028 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games).

Project Schedule

*The timeline is subject to change based on various factors including funding opportunities (e.g., 28 X 2028 Initiative).