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Project Overview

The Eastside Access Improvements project (or the Eastside Access 1 st /Central project) at the future Metro Regional Connector Gold Line 1 st / Central station in the communities of Little Tokyo and the Arts District  will help implement a program of streetscape, pedestrian safety, and bicycle access improvements in a one-mile radius around the station. These improvements will help enhance the livability of these communities and facilitate linkages to Union Station and integration of the bicycle and pedestrian access to Metro rail, bus, and bike systems.

The project will facilitate the following multi-modal and sustainable elements:

  • Crosswalk improvements at 23 intersections
  • Walk-bike esplanade measuring just over 1 mile and featuring double rows of street trees
  • Class I bike lanes
  • Streetscape improvements (including tree planting, sidewalk widening, repairs, and street furniture installation) along 5 miles of city streets
  • Replacement of 100 traditional street lights with low-energy LED street lights
  • 1 mile of bioswales for storm runoff management and water filtration
  • 1.7 miles of new Class II bicycle lanes

Eastside Access Improvements at 1st/Central is a Measure R project developed to improve multimodal access to the Metro L Line (Gold). Funding for the existing Little Tokyo/Arts District station was then allocated to the new Little Tokyo/Arts District station at 1 st and Central per  the Metro Regional Connector Transit Project, which is a 1.9-mile underground light rail project that will connect the Metro Gold Line to the 7 th St/Metro Center Metro Rail station by 2022.