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Draft Environmental Impact Report (March 2018)


Cover page
Executive Summary
1.0 Introduction
2.0 Project Description
3.1 Aesthetics
3.2 Air Quality
3.3 Cultural Resources
3.4 Energy Resources
3.5 Greenhouse Gas Emissions
3.6 Hazards and Hazardous Materials
3.7 Noise and Vibration
3.8 Tribal Cultural Resources
4.0 Other Environmental Considerations
5.0 Cumulative Impacts
6.0 Alternatives
7.0 Public Outreach
8.0 Organizations and Persons Consulted
9.0 Lead Agency and List of Preparers
10.0 References
Appendix A – Public Scoping Summary Report
Appendix B – Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Technical Memo
Appendix C.1 – Historic Resources Technical Memo
Appendix C.2 – Archaeological Resources Technical Memo
Appendix C.3 – Paleontological Resources Technical Memo
Appendix D – Hazardous Materials Technical Memo
Appendix E – Noise and Vibration Technical Report