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Metro Adjacent Development Review

Coordinating with Development Adjacent to Metro

Metro is currently undertaking the largest transit infrastructure expansion effort in the United States. A rapidly growing system presents new opportunities to catalyze land use investment and shape healthy, sustainable, and integrated neighborhoods along the region’s transit network. Metro is committed to working with municipalities and the development community to encourage and support construction adjacent to transit to help create vibrant transit oriented communities (TOCs).

To ensure safe construction activities adjacent to Metro’s growing transit network and identify design synergies with new adjacent development, Metro offers development review services for projects within Metro’s zone of concern, defined as a 100 feet radius from Metro right-of-way (ROW) and other real estate assets.

Review & Coordination Phases

Coordination Goal : Metro encourages developers to consult with the Development Review Team early in the design process to ensure compatibility with transit infrastructure and minimize operational, safety, and maintenance issues with adjacent development. The Development Review team will serve as a case manager to developers and other Third Parties to facilitate the review of plans and construction documents across key Metro departments. The Development Review Team also coordinates Metro’s comments on California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) documents for planning documents and projects adjacent to Metro ROW or other real estate assets.

Level of Review : Not all adjacent projects will require significant review and coordination with Metro. The level of review depends on the Project’s proximity to Metro, adjacency conditions, and the potential to impact Metro facilities and/or services. For example, development projects that are excavating near Metro ROW or using cranes near transit facilities require a greater level of review and coordination. Where technical review and construction monitoring is needed, Metro charges fees for staff time, as indicated by dollar signs above.

Permit Clearance : Within the City of Los Angeles, Metro reviews and clears Building & Safety permits for projects within 100 feet of Metro ROW, pursuant to Zoning Information 1117. To ensure timely clearance of these permits, Metro encourages early coordination as noted above.

Resources: The Metro Adjacent Development Handbook serves as a resource for developers and design teams (e.g. architects, engineers, etc.), as well as municipalities to provide an overview of Metro’s goals and review process, and to outline key concerns and areas of coordination. Additional resources and information to support coordination with development can be found under the Resources tab above.

Contact : To initiate consultation with Metro for adjacent development projects, please submit project information via the In-Take Form .

  • For general questions, contact the Metro Development Review team at or 213-418-3484.
  • For questions regarding utility projects adjacent to Metro ROW, contact the Real Estate team at .

Metro Right-of-Way GIS Data

Metro maintains a technical resource website housing downloadable data sets and web services. Developers and municipalities should utilize available Metro right-of-way GIS data to appropriately plan and coordinate with Metro when proposing projects within 100’ of Metro right-of-way.

Metro Design Criteria & Standards

Metro standard documents are periodically updated and are available upon request:

  • Metro Adjacent Construction Design Manual
  • Metro Rail Design Criteria (MRDC)
  • Metro Rail Directive Drawings
  • Metro Rail Standard Drawings
  • Metro Signage Standards

Metrolink Standards & Procedures

Engineering & Construction

Metro Policies & Plans

Metro Programs & Toolkits

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