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Construction Safety Tips

Throughout the construction process, Metro places the highest priority on the safety of our workers and the community. The Crenshaw/LAX Transit Corridor Construction Safety Awareness Program was developed to take a proactive approach in promoting safe behaviors near construction sites and increasing construction safety awareness for students, senior citizens and stakeholders in the areas along the alignment. It’s comprised of a schools-based program, community awareness campaign and classroom curriculum for teachers. Please check back for updated information, resources and materials regarding the program and review the safety tips below.

Construction zones are very dangerous, so remember to always stay safe when you’re around them. Here are ten simple safety rules to help you stay safe:

  • Avoid going near a construction zone whenever possible. Heavy machinery and debris can be hazardous.
  • Do not walk, run, ride or play in a construction area or around construction equipment, dirt piles and work areas.
  • Always walk on the sidewalk or designated walkway. Watch for sidewalk closure signs and remain alert to posted notices of temporary walkways.
  • To avoid distraction, do not use cell phones, headphones, video games or other hand held devices in construction zones. Staying alert to your surroundings reduces the likelihood of an incident.
  • Stop, look and listen for construction vehicles like bulldozers and dump trucks, as dust can impede your vision, and always be prepared for sudden stops and wide turns.
  • See and be seen. Cross only at intersections and make eye contact with drivers and construction vehicles.
  • Slow down and follow signs that tell you where to walk, skateboard or bicycle.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and falling objects in construction zones, even if they are not directly overhead. Wind can blow them in your direction.
  • Respect the construction, signage and any instructions by those working on the project.
  • Stay outside orange cones, construction fences and chai n link fences.