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Community Films Series

To celebrate the construction phase of the Metro Crenshaw/LAX Transit Corridor Project , filmmaker Mobolaji Olambiwonnu, Dreamseeker Media worked with Metro Creative Services to produce a series of six short videos that illustrate the history, current needs and anticipation for rail in the community along this future alignment.


The first in the series features two local elders, Hayward Gray and Lee Enge, who reminisce about the past glory of LA's Red Car system. Gray and Enge, who are both retired, also look forward to the return of rail to their community.

Sky Captain

The second video features LAX Sky Captain, Wally Knox and is the second in the series. Knox speaks about the three most important elements of his life; his family, his work and his art. If there was an easier way to get to work, he’d have more time for all three.

Reverend Altagracia

This third video features the story of Reverend Altragarcia Perez, Director of the Holy Faith Episcopal in Inglewood. She speaks about her dire need for better public transportation for her and her daughters. Without it, she’s finding it difficult to raise her children with a sense of independence.

Randy's Donuts

Film number four features the owners of Randy’s Donuts, the donut shop in Inglewood CA known for its sweet confections and iconic oversized donut sign. Brothers Ron and Larry Weintraub bought the shop thirty-four years ago. In this installment, they consider how the future Crenshaw/LAX line will benefit their customers and other businesses along the planned alignment.

Gina Loring, Poet

The fifth film in the series features poet Gina Loring who recites “Universal Breath,” an original poem she wrote specifically for Metro. A Metro rider herself, Loring’s poem gives us a vision of words about the dynamics of LA County’s public transportation experience. “Universal Breath” is a celebration of LA’s world renowned culture and how public transportation knits its diversity together.

A More Mobile Society

Installment number six features all the community members we have met in the first five videos, who join other residents and business owners in sharing their public transportation philosophies and hopes of a more mobile society.