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Summary of Purpose

The Crenshaw/LAX Transit Corridor Community Leadership Council (CLC) is an appointed member corridor-based transportation advisory body formed for the purpose of sustained involvement by representatives who will serve in a liaison role to the greater community as a planned light rail transit project is brought to fruition into an operating system. Participation in this Council will allow for engagement on topics that have direct correlation to the assets of a new transit system linking the corridor to Metro’s countywide rail and transit system

The members of the CLC will provide a forum for considering the Crenshaw/LAX light rail transit project and its transformational aspects such as economic development, station area joint development, preparation for construction mitigations, safety education and outreach for construction and operations, short and long term business opportunities and corridor promotion.

The CLC will be assisted in their duties by a series of Performance Pods, which will consist of corridor-based small businesses, non-profit and governmental organizations that are designed to provide the Community Leadership Council with detailed expertise in a variety of subject areas.

The Crenshaw/LAX Corridor is a north-south geographic passageway that runs from the Crenshaw District in southwest section of the City of Los Angeles to the City of Inglewood to the City of El Segundo (and eventually the City of Redondo Beach) in L.A. County’s South Bay area.

Community Leadership Council members are persons who have the interest, time and ability to meet six (6) times per year or more during their appointed term of service to represent their neighborhood or community.

CLC members will discuss and consider a wide range of transit and community transportation issues. They will provide feedback to Metro on major transit project issues, such as: construction impacts, design, transit system safety, economic development, contract procurement and job opportunities within the Corridor’s communities.

CLC members will provide perspectives, preferences and opinions as part of a multipart process of community input to Metro staff. The input to Metro provided by CLC members will be an expression, as well as a reflection, of the community’s needs and desires regarding the mass transit and transportation needs of the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Corridor’s varied neighborhoods, communities and cities.

The members of the Crenshaw/LAX Community Leadership Council are appointed by Metro.

Some Community Leadership Council members will be appointed to serve two-year terms. Other CLC members will be appointed to serve one-year terms.

Throughout their appointed terms of service, all of the members appointed to serve on the CLC must meet one (1) or more of the following requirements:

  1. They continuously reside in the corridor area
  2. They own or manage an existing business concern in the corridor area
  3. They supervise a public agency in the corridor area
  4. They represent an active community-based homeowner or neighborhood organization
  5. They represent a business or employee group in the corridor.