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Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) Sustainable Transportation Information
Last updated: July 14, 2016


The Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) Program, administered by the Strategic Growth Council (SGC), awards funding for projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions by supporting more compact, infill development patterns, encouraging active transportation and transit use, and protecting agricultural land from sprawl development.

Metro is participating in the AHSC program because Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure (STI) is a key component of program and is an eligibility requirement for two of the three application project types. SGC’s AHSC overview materials and the application scoring rubric clearly incentivize the inclusion of meaningful STIs or related amenities in all AHSC applications. Across LA County, affordable housing projects seeking AHSC funds will be eligible and/or more competitive with partners like Metro, municipal transit operators, and local City departments of Public Works, Transportation, or Street Services who can implement STI and Transportation Related Amenities (TRA) projects. An additional and important eligible use of AHSC funds is transportation improvements and programs that increase ridership. For more detailed information on these requirements, please refer to the AHSC 2015-2016 Program Guidelines .

The following information is intended as a resource from Metro to support AHSC applicants in incorporating qualifying transportation improvements into their projects.

Metro’s AHSC Objectives

What Metro Can Deliver to AHSC Applicants

What Metro Considers “High Quality Transit”

What Cities Can Do to Effectively Coordinate with Metro

What Developers Can Do to Effectively Coordinate with Metro

Menu of Metro’s Potential AHSC Contributions

2016 AHSC Program Schedule (as of January 29, 2016)

Metro AHSC Contacts