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Regional Connector Construction Safety

Construction Safety Activity Book

Metro is taking as many precautions as possible to ensure the public's safety during the construction of the Regional Connector Transit Project. Please use the materials below to learn what you can do to be safe around construction zones.

Construction Safety Activity Book Construction Safety Bingo ( English , Spanish , Korean , and Japanese )
Construction Safety Board Game Construction Safety Certificate

If you'd like to pick and choose activity pages to print, use the following:

Identifying Construction Signs
Learn to recognize construction signs.
Understand what they mean.
What's Different
Find the ten things that are different between the first picture and the second picture.
Word Search
Find each of the words listed in the word search.
Hint: words can be found horizontally and vertically.
Safety Maze
Help the kids get to school safely.
Crossword Puzzle
Use the clues to complete the puzzle.
Word Scramble
Unscramble the words below
Match the safety words to their signs.
Letter to a Friend
Write an email to your friends and tell them about construction safety.Use the safety messages on the left to help you.
Safe or Unsafe?
Read each sentence and decide if the act.
Safety Quiz
Take the quiz to see how much you know about construction safety.