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The Process

Project Timeline


Metro initiated an Alternatives Analysis (AA) Study that identified and analyzed 36 routes for the Regional Connector. After technical analysis and extensive community input, the study yielded two "build" alternatives which utilize Light Rail Transit (LRT) technology as well as two required alternatives, the No-Build and Transportation System Management alternatives.


Metro Board of Directors authorized further study of four alternatives in the next phase, the Draft Environmental Impact Statement/Report (Draft EIS/EIR). During this environmental phase, the Metro Board added a fifth alternative in response to community input. During this process, Metro assessed the potential impacts of the alternatives and developed possible mitigation measures.


Metro staff developed the Draft EIS/EIR, releasing it for community review in September 2010. After an extensive community participation process, the Metro Board of Directors designated the Fully Underground LRT as the Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA) with three new stations: Little Tokyo/Arts District, Broadway and Grand Ave.


Metro will continue to meet with key stakeholder groups to further develop the Mitigation Monitoring Program and complete the Final EIS/EIR.  The Final EIS/EIR will include refinements to the LPA, incorporation of input submitted during the Draft EIS/EIR comment period, and completion of the Mitigation Monitoring Program.  FTA authorizes entry into Preliminary Engineering (PE). Station design efforts will begin.


In concert with stakeholder meetings, Final Design of the Regional Connector is expected to continue through 2013.  Final Design includes the alignment and station designs.


At the conclusion of Final Design, construction on the Regional Connector could begin. The Mitigation Monitoring Program would begin implementation.


Metro anticipates the completion of construction for the Regional Connector, and the lines are in service.