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Meetings Held During Alternatives Analysis

In November 2007, Metro held early scoping meetings for the Regional Connector Transit Corridor Study to help guide the development of alternatives, including potential modes and alignments. Metro subsequently hosted a series of update meetings in February 2008, which presented initial alternatives incorporating the community’s comments submitted during the early scoping period.

Based on this feedback, Metro developed and refined alternatives for further analysis including various modes, as well as potential alignments and station locations. The final round of update meetings for the Alternatives Analysis phase of the project was held in October 2008, where two recommended alternatives were presented to the public.

In addition to the early scoping meetings and community updates, Metro attended other meetings and briefings with organizations and stakeholder groups throughout the study area. Meetings held during the Alternatives Analysis included:

  • Formal Early Scoping Meetings (November 6th and 7th, 2007)
  • Community Update Meetings (February 26th and 28th, 2008)
  • Final Community Update Meetings (October 16th and 21st, 2008)
  • Formal Early Scoping Meeting for Public Agencies
  • Briefings for Elected Officials & Staff
  • Bringing Back Broadway
  • Central City Association
  • Central City East Association
  • Downtown Center Business Improvement District
  • Downtown Living Weekend
  • Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council (DLANC): Transportation Committee
  • Higgins Building Homeowners Association
  • Historic Core Business Improvement District
  • Little Tokyo Community Council
  • Little Tokyo Service Center
  • Office of Councilmembers Huizar, Perry and Reyes
  • Rotary Club of Los Angeles Morning
  • South Park Stakeholders Group
  • Westside Central Service Sector Governance Council