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Date Article
October 3, 2011 Los Angeles Metro Regional Connector
September 26, 2011 Broad Pushes For New Connector Alignment
June 29, 2011 Regional Connector Talks
February 10, 2011 Metro Holds Workshop for the New Little Tokyo Station
January 14, 2011 Progress and Static on the Regional Connector
January 12, 2011 Metro Tweaks Little Tokyo Alignment for Regional Connector
January 12, 2011 Connector Refines Plans to Fit Into Little Tokyo
January 6, 2011 The New Congress and Southern California
January 5, 2011 Los Angeles Gets U.S. Approval for Preliminary Subway Work
January 5, 2011 Subway and Regional Connector Chugging Along into 2011
January 5, 2011 Metro to Move Forward with Westside Line, Downtown Subway Connector


Date Article
November 12, 2010 Loss of Key Regional Connector Station Raises Worries in Downtown
November 12, 2010 The Fifth and Flower Fumble
November 4, 2010 Keeping Little Tokyo Alive Through the Metro Connector Needs a Team Effort
October 26, 2010 Regional Connector Goes to Metro Board Minus One Station
October 23, 2010 Metro Committee Backs Fully Underground Regional Connector
October 13, 2010 Morning greens: Subway, sand, and solar news
October 12, 2010 Metro Staff Selects Preferred Routes for Regional Connector, Westside Subway
October 12, 2010 Regional Connector May Lose Fifth and Flower Station
September 30, 2010 Fifth and Flower Stop May Get Axed from Downtown Connector
September 30, 2010 Connecting all of LA's trains
September 24, 2010 Regional Connector Hearings Next Week
September 13, 2010 The Station Equation
September 9, 2010 Local and State Elected Officials Join 300 Businesses Call for Action on the Subway to the Sea and the Regional Connector
September 4, 2010 Regional Connector Report Released
September 3, 2010 Get Out the Shovel: Metro Wants Regional Connector Underground
September 3, 2010 Underground Option Frontrunner for Regional Connector
September 3, 2010 Underground Connector Recommended By Metro Staff
August 30, 2010 Westside Subway and Regional Connector Take Big Steps Towards Reality
May 8, 2010 リージョナルコネクター事業:「小東京の声」集める、日本語での情報発信なお必要
(This article is currently only available in Japanese.)
April 16, 2010 Going Underground
April 9, 2010 Regional Connector Kicks Off Another Round of Meetings
April 7, 2010 Regional Connector Update: Less Connections, More Connections
March 31, 2010 Regional Connector Meetings Ahead
February 26, 2010 Downtown Connector Study Excitement: Underground Option Added
February 20, 2010 Metro Committee Approves Study of New Regional Connector Plan
February 19, 2010 You Build Some, You Wait Some (Part II)

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