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Centinela Grade Separation Project

The Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project will travel 8.5 miles serving the Crenshaw District, Inglewood, Westchester and surrounding areas. The Centinela Grade Separation Project will convert the existing at-grade crossing of Crenshaw/LAX Transit line at Centinela and Florence to an above-grade crossing. A grade separation of the Centinela/Florence crossing of the Crenshaw/LAX line has therefore been proposed to address emerging mobility challenges in the City of Inglewood.

The Centinela Avenue crossing is currently under construction as an at‐grade crossing between the Fairview Heights and Downtown Inglewood stations. This rail crossing is within one‐quarter mile of the Downtown Inglewood station and about 1.5 miles northwest of the Inglewood Stadium and the Hollywood Park Development Area. It is anticipated that new developments and additional special events will lead to excessive traffic near this intersection and other disruptions due to frequent lowering of guard rails, as well as increased noise pollution.


The original estimate for this project was $150 million. This figure factors in permanent construction costs, right-of-way acquisition costs, and soft costs such as design, surveys, and administration. Additional costs that may need to be considered include demolition, temporary facilities, restoration, and other factors such as materials pricing fluctuation. Metro and the City of Inglewood are currently exploring options to accelerate implementing this project in order to mitigate extended construction-related traffic. At present, this project is not fully funded, but it is currently being pursued.

Complementary Efforts

In addition to the Crenshaw LAX Line that will improve mobility options in Inglewood and surrounding neighborhoods, the Metro Green Line Extension to Torrance is currently being planned as well as the Downtown Inglewood People Mover.

Environmental and conceptual design studies, systems modeling, and targeted stakeholder outreach is currently being conducted and will continue through Summer 2020. Metro will develop final design by Summer 2021 and then complete construction bidding by the following summer. Construction is projected to take place between Summer 2022 and Summer 2025.

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Community Meetings

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The Source

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