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Revised Wilshire BRT Final EIR/EA (April 2011)

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Notice of Availability

Revised Wilshire BRT Final EIR/EA

Table of Contents (94KB)

Executive Summary (660KB)

Chapter 1:  Introduction (1MB)

Chapter 2:  List of Commenters (69KB)

Chapter 3:  Responses to Comments (267KB)

Chapter 4:  CEQA Environmental Analysis of the Proposed Project (31KB)

Chapter 5:  CEQA Environmental Analysis of the Project Alternatives (584KB)

Chapter 6:  Other CEQA Considerations (91KB)

Chapter 7:  NEPA Environmental Assessment (462KB)

Chapter 8:  Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program (48KB)

Chapter 9:  List of Preparers (23KB)


Appendix A:  Responses to Comments

Appendix B:  Revised Appendices to the Draft EIR/EA

Appendix A – Notice of Preparation (NOP), and NOP Response Letters

Appendix B – Traffic Study

Appendix C – Air Quality Assessment Report (4.5MB)

Appendix D – Architectural Resource Technical Study

Appendix E – Archaeological Resources Technical Study (1.8MB)

Appendix F – Noise Spreadsheets (316KB)

Appendix G – Community Impact Assessment (1.3MB)

Appendix H – Section 4(f) Technical Study (866KB)

Appendix I – Demonstration Program Report (1.9MB)