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Gallery: Willowbrook Rosa Parks Station Renderings

A Better Station: The project extends the Blue Line platform south of the I-105. A new pedestrian crossing will provide safe access across the tracks for the community and patrons alike. Let There Be Light! New LED lighting throughout the station will improve visibility and safety both at night and in the daytime by minimizing shadows under the freeway. Safe and Seamless Transfers: Bus bays will be consolidated next to the plaza to improve pedestrian connections. A spacious mezzanine will make transferring between Metro Rail lines easier.  A Plaza for the Community: The new plaza will house a new Metro Bike Hub and Customer Service/Transit Security Center. The design will welcome community events year round. Improved Connections: Enhanced pedestrian access will provide safe and more direct walking paths to and from the station. A Gateway into Willowbrook: This revitalized regional facility will be more efficient and intuitive, and will provide users with superior access to local and regional destinations and amenities.