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  • Metro initiated the Bike/Bus Interface Study in 2016 to examine the interactions between people riding bicycles and buses. It looked into how various road designs affect safety, operations, and user experience for both user group. The Study combined stakeholder input and data analysis to develop recommendations for improving bus operator training, bicycle safety education, and design guidelines for bus and bicycle infrastructure.
  • Bike/Bus Interface Study Report
    • This report covers the research conducted, the analysis conclusions, and the training and education recommendations resulting from that analysis. The expected audience for this report includes transit agency staff (especially those working in operator training, service planning, and daily operations), municipal officials, city planners, transportation engineers, bicycle educators and advocates, and all those interested in topics related to transit and bicycle planning and traffic safety.
    • Executive Summary
    • Full Report (w/o Appendices)
      • Part I: Literature Review
      • Part II: Before-After Analysis of Local Projects
      • Part III: Bike-Bus Interface Training and Education
      • Appendices
  • Bike/Bus Interaction on Our Streets: A Working Planning and Design Guidebook for Municipal Transportation Professionals.
    • This design guidebook is intended to live alongside existing guidelines such as materials from the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO), providing additional insight into designing streets to better accommodate both buses and bicycles.