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ATMS (Smart Bus) Project

Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS) technology makes Metro the operator of one of the "smartest" and most "feature packed" bus fleets in the world.

Known in the transit industry as Smart Bus technology, ATMS is a high-tech system composed of a variety of hardware and software communication and fleet management tools.

While a major component of ATMS is its new radio communications component, ATMS also boasts new dispatch,  vehicle location, passenger counting and Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant annunciator systems, as well as improved video camera capability.

The ATMS connects every bus in the Metro fleet to an array of radio antenna sites throughout the Metro service area and, in turn, is inter-connected through a Vehicle Area Network (VAN) that links all the various ATMS components together.

This works much the same way that a computer network operates in a business office to link desktop computer networks with common printers, scanners, fax machines and other shared equipment.