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Improving Mobility & Safety Along Alvarado St

Metro and the City of Los Angeles are partnering to improve bus speeds, frequency, and reliability during peak travel times along Alvarado Street. The Alvarado St Bus Priority Lane Project is an important step in building a safer and faster multi-modal transit network in Los Angeles. It would enhance mobility and safety for the thousands of people who ride transit to get to and from school, work, businesses, and appointments along the corridor.

This Project is located along a 1.7-mile segment of Alvarado St between 7th St and Sunset Bl and would add a bus priority lane in the peak direction from Monday through Friday during the morning and evening peak rush hours. Bus priority lanes would improve bus speeds by as much as 15%, increasing service frequency and reliability along the corridor. They would also improve mobility by moving more people without adding more infrastructure.

How the Bus Priority Lanes Would Work

  • Converts the existing southbound curb lane into a bus priority lane and extends parking restrictions from today’s 7am-9am to 7am-10am
  • Converts the existing northbound curb lane into a bus priority lane and extends parking restrictions from today’s 4pm-7pm to 3pm-7pm
  • Buses would run every seven to eight minutes during peak commute hours: southbound during morning rush hour (7am-10am) and northbound during afternoon and evening rush hour (3pm-7pm).
  • No parking loss would occur during weekday off-peak hours (10am-3pm), weekday evenings (after 7pm) and weekends

Benefits for Street Users

  • Reduces opportunities for speeding, which can lead to fewer and less severe crashes
  • Maintains existing overnight street parking for residents
  • Provides quick and easy access for workers and visitors to the jobs, businesses, and other locations along the corridor


Phase 1 (Fall 2020)

  • Traffic Analysis

Phase 2 (Winter 2021)

  • Prepare Final Design Plans

Phase 3 (Spring 2021)

  • Implementation

*Public engagement activities will continue throughout this process.