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In 2018, Aerial Rapid Transit Technology LLC (ARTT) submitted a proposal to Metro’s Office of Extraordinary Innovation for an aerial rapid transit gondola system connecting Union Station and Dodger Stadium – the Los Angeles Aerial Rapid Transit project (LA ART).  Metro agreed to act as the lead agency for the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) under the California Environmental Quality Act in order to support further review of the LA ART project.

LA ART is proposed to directly link Dodger Stadium to the Los Angeles region’s public transit system via the regional transit hub at Union Station – connecting to Metro’s B (Red), L (Gold), and D (Purple) Rail Lines, the upcoming Regional Connector with connections to the A (Blue) and Metro E (Expo) Lines, as well as Metrolink, Amtrak, and supporting bus, bicycle, and pedestrian connections. Union Station is the region’s most heavily used transit station, hosting 36 million people per year and 100,000 daily transit riders.  By 2040, Union Station is projected to serve twice as many riders.

LA ART would be located in the City of Los Angeles, within and adjacent to communities located between Union Station and Dodger Stadium, including El Pueblo, Union Station, Chinatown, Mission Junction, Elysian Park, and Solano Canyon.  LA ART’s goals include reducing traffic congestion and associated greenhouse gas emissions while improving transit connectivity for surrounding communities with potential improved transit access for open space and parks such as the Los Angeles State Historic Park, the Los Angeles River, and Elysian Park. Recognizing Metro’s equity goals and policy of improving transit access to underserved communities and to parks, LA ART has the potential to improve air quality and increase transit access for such communities and for state and City parks.

LA ART would provide the first permanent transit link to Dodger Stadium, one of the region’s most iconic and visited venues since it opened in 1962. As proposed, LA ART will serve all Dodger home games and special events at Dodger Stadium and is also anticipated to operate daily to serve community members, park visitors, and tourists.

As proposed, LA ART offers the capacity to move approximately 5,500 people per hour per direction at peak periods. LA Art estimates that within the two hours prior to the start of a game or event at Dodger Stadium, more than 10,000 people, or up to approximately 20 percent of Dodger Stadium’s capacity, could travel to Dodger Stadium via LA ART.