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Project Background

Project Background

The Long Beach Freeway (I-710) is a vital transportation artery linking the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles to major Southern California and beyond.  As a result of population and employment growth, cargo container growth, increasing traffic volumes, rising levels of particulate matter emissions, and intensifying deterioration of the road infrastructure, the I-710 Corridor faces regional environmental and public health challenges.

In addition to motorists who travel through this corridor, there are pedestrians, cyclists, and transit users residing and/or working within the vicinity of the I-710 Corridor and affected by poor connections to areas of interest and minimal safety conditions to support non-motorized and affordable multi-modal transportation.  Metro and Caltrans are working to address these issues through the I-710 South Corridor Project, which is in the final phase of its environmental studies. However, in an effort to more directly and expediently address the broader active transportation needs of the Corridor, in 2014, the Metro Board directed staff to study the feasibility of constructing three new 8-feet bike paths and access points intended to serve bicyclists, pedestrians, and transit users traveling within the I-710 Corridor. Hence the I-710 Corridor Bike Path Project was initiated.

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