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6226 Wilshire Boulevard

LaserXX Medical aesthetics and laser.

Laser fat reduction and body contouring. PicoSure Laser tattoo removal and skin resurfacing. Laser hair removal. All of the treatments at LaserXX work gradually in a series of sessions and have minimal to no-downtime while improving the appearance of the skin with pulses of concentrated energy delivered as a pressure wave, This laser technology is an innovative way to revitalize the skin promoting elastin and collagen production without damaging the surrounding tissue. All of LaserXX treatments are FDA approved and are only performed by a medical professional.

Metro Special

$150.00 toward PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal Color Ink Only (Blue, Green, Red, etc.) Limit to one per patient. Redeemable in office.


30% OFF one full-face PicoSure laser facial. Limit to one per patient. Redeemable in office.

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Phone 310.527.3799
Location 6226 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles