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JiST Cafe

116 Judge John Aiso Street

A Little Tokyo breakfast and lunch joint open in the early hours of the morning!

For over 70 years, the Ishii family has kept this Little Tokyo gem alive throughout the generations. Originally a mom-and-pop restaurant that first put its name on the map with its chashu dumplings in the 1940s, Tokyo Gardens and Tokyo Cafe shifted from greasy spoon diner to traditional Japanese lunch dive.

Amazingly enough, the mother chashu marinade has been preserved, honored and given new life through JiST’s pork belly chashu. Every day, its base is added to and cooked off, further deepening its flavors with each passing year. Glen hopes you can enjoy the Ishii family legacy.

A longtime friend and professional partner of Glen’s, Caroline Shin assiduously worked him to the bone to further improve a much simpler, humbler Shin family legacy: their love of French toast. After a long period of nagging, trial and error, a crème brûlée batter was created and our special loaf of brioche was perfected. Married together in a special bath and crisped golden in a few pats of butter, something very new, yet very familiar was born.

We hope to share but a taste of our love, our legacy and this small token of Los Angeles history.

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Phone 213.792.2116
Location 116 Judge John Aiso Street, Los Angeles