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750 West 7th Street

A dining democracy founded on uncompromising quality and an element of surprise.

At District not only do they make use of the extraordinary foods grown sustainably by their local farmers, they also seek out unparalleled ideas from food purveyors around the world. For them, farm to table means products that are created on a small scale by farmer-artisans who are strangers to compromise, and have, through passion and invention, further dimensionalized the culinary arts. With this worldly palette of the fresh, the natural, and the superior, they create combinations and juxtapositions of flavors that are wonderfully intuitive and modern. District's design philosophy mirrors its deliciously unexpected approach to food and drink. The resulting atmosphere is a marvelously curated art meets craft, past meets future vibe that is wholly enticing and utterly original.

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Phone 213.612.3185
Location 750 West 7th Street, Los Angeles