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Buttery Popcorn Co.

231 East 3rd Street

Sweet and savory popcorn varieties made with the most natural ingredients popped on-the-spot! The Popcorn Lover's Popcorn! Poppin' up all over LA and Orange County #popcornplug #popcornlovers #getitpoppin

Buttery Popcorn Co. was bred from humble beginnings. Farmer’s Markets are a staple and always will be. We are changing the game by serving up sweet and savory varieties, some familiar and others unheard of. We pride our offerings on being "as natural as possible" straying away from artificial flavors and ingredients. We invite you to join us in ‘corny’ conversation and sample what we got. We are the #popcornlovers popcorn.

Getting There:

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Phone (626) 824-4904
Location 231 East 3rd Street, Los Angeles