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Transit TV to Provide New and Improved Entertainment Aboard Metro Buses

Thursday April 01, 2010

Transit TV is under new ownership, broadcasting on video monitors on Metro buses throughout Los Angeles County with new programs and features to entertain riders. The redesigned service includes news and weather updates from the Associated Press (sometimes anchored by actual Metro customers), as well as local reports in English and Spanish from NBC and Telemundo. Other new features include interactive word games, trivia questions and essay and art contests for which passengers can win prizes.

Transit TV also broadcasts entertaining, informative segments called “Metro Destinations” that acquaint riders with different Los Angeles-area attractions accessible by Metro. Riders learn about specific travel itineraries to East Los Angeles, Hollywood/Highland, Pasadena, Universal City, Long Beach and more.

Owned and operated by TEZO Systems, Transit TV plans to offer Metro riders a new “L.A. identity” based on programming that highlights local travel, restaurant and entertainment tips, local music and educational health segments.

In a unique use of GPS technology, the Transit TV system has the capability to flash banner ads for local businesses onboard Metro buses as the bus approaches their location. Transit TV has developed a website where vendors can go to create and purchase their banner ads, and where they can offer riders electronic coupons. The cost of such advertising can be as low as $.99 per day. For advertising opportunities call (818) 768-0617 or visit

“Our first goal is to empower small business owners along the Metro bus routes with the inexpensive trigger banner ads,” said Maurice Vanegas, CEO of Transit TV. “Our second goal is to create what I affectionately call the Commuter’s Edge through our many games, contests and first-hand knowledge of opportunities created by local vendors, and finally, contribute positively to the experience with our programming and interactive capabilities.”

“Transit TV is a win-win for Metro and its patrons,” said Warren Morse, Deputy Executive Officer of Communications at Metro. “Not only does it enhance the bus riding experience for our patrons, it costs the agency nothing to operate and actually generates advertising revenue.”

Transit TV is well received by Metro riders. In customer surveys, more than 84 percent of riders say they prefer being on a bus with the monitors.

Fresh television content in both English and Spanish is produced and delivered wirelessly to METRO buses once a day.

To plan your next trip on Metro bus or rail, use the Metro Trip Planner at or call 1-800-COMMUTE.

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