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Metro’s Tap Cards To Replace Paper Day Passes Beginning March 15


Tuesday February 17, 2009

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Starting Sunday, March 15, Metro’s (Metro) reusable TAP fare cards will officially replace paper day passes for daily transit use on the Metro system.

Metro Bus riders who normally purchase their day pass from a bus operator will insert their money into the farebox and touch their new TAP card on the adjacent TAP validator area of the farebox to load the day pass onto their card. TAP cards can also be reloaded at Metro's vendor outlets starting March 15.

Metro will provide a complimentary TAP card to transit customers if they do not already have one when they buy a $5 day pass on board a Metro Bus until April 11 or while supplies last. Transit patrons are encouraged to keep and reuse their cards because they can be reloaded with additional fare value. Blank TAP cards will cost $2 thereafter.
“This new program combines the ease of our day pass with the convenience of our new TAP card,” said Roger Snoble, Metro CEO.

Riders also can pre-load a day pass on their TAP cards at any Metro pass sales outlets before they board. Cards will be activated the first time they are used and will be valid for that entire day. Eight day passes can be pre-loaded onto a single TAP card for added convenience. The pre-loaded passes do not have to be used consecutively. Only one person may use a single TAP card, and only one day pass can be activated at a time.

TAP, or Transit Access Pass, is the revolutionary new electronic fare payment system that will eventually unify all of Los Angeles County’s transit operators through a single, reusable payment card.

For a current list of Metro pass sales outlets and more information, visit