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Mummies Of The World Opens At Science Center With Discounts For Metro Customers

Thursday July 01, 2010

Given the publicity, you may know by now that the world premiere of Mummies of the World -- the largest traveling exhibition of mummies ever assembled -- has opened at the California Science Center. It's a collection of more than 100 mummies, both intentionally preserved, of the King Tut type, and accidentally made by nature.

Video: Go Metro to Mummies of the World Exhibition

What you might not know is that Metro riders are being offered a $2 discount per person for up to four tickets. Take your valid Metro pass, Metro Rail ticket or Destination Discounts card to the box office to receive the discount. Or use discount code MUMMIES when buying tickets at Because of anticipated crowds, Science Center reps are recommending advance ticket purchase … and thus, reservations.

Also worth knowing is that it’s easy to get there via Metro. More than a half dozen bus lines stop in front of the Science Center or nearby. Among them: Lines 81, 550, 102 and the Silver Line all stop within easy walking distance. As usual, best travel bet is to check the Trip Planner at to find the most convenient route for you.

Some of the mummies are Egyptian, of course. But others come from Asia, Oceania, South America and Europe, reaching back as far as 6500 B.C. The exhibition also demonstrates how mummification is often a natural process; one that occurs in the hot, dry desert sands of Peru or as a result of extreme acts of nature, as in the eternal ice of the Italian Alps.

Like the mummies themselves, duration of the show is a mystery. But we can plan on at least a few months of mummies and many Metro buses to take us there.

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