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MTA Urges L.A. Commuters to Stay Safe as Metro Buses, Trains Resume Service Beginning Today


Tuesday November 18, 2003

As Metro Buses and Rail lines resume service starting today after a 35-day transit strike, MTA is urging all Los Angeles County commuters to again pay attention to their personal safety when MTA's nearly 2,400 Metro Buses and 73 miles of Metro Rail service come back online this week.

"Personal safety is especially important for all Angelenos as we bring the transit system back online," said Roger Snoble, MTA's CEO. "After more than a month of little to no transit service, people may have gotten used to the absence of buses and trains on the streets and within their communities. We're moving quickly to resume our normal operating schedule, and that can mean peril for people who have simply forgotten normal bus and rail safety precautions."

MTA recommends several important safety measures to ensure that Metro transit service resumes accident-free:


  • Never walk or play on or near train tracks.

  • Look carefully for buses and trains coming from both directions.

  • As light rail trains are very quiet, don't use headsets or cell phones around train tracks, as they might prevent you from hearing approaching trains.

  • Hold on to your child's hand when using station escalators or around tracks or crossings.

  • Always use crosswalks. Make sure that motorists see you while crossing or making turns.

  • Always wait for rail crossing gates to close and reopen before crossing an intersection.

  • Don't stand in the street to look for buses.


  • Always stop behind the white line on the road and wait for the train to pass.

  • Observe all warning devices such as bells, flashing lights and crossing arms.

  • Never go around lowered gate arms.

  • When rail crossing lights start flashing, clear tracks immediately.

  • Never race trains.

  • If your car stalls on the tracks, get out and run fast at an angle in the direction of the approaching train to prevent being hit by debris.

  • Never turn left against a red left turn arrow.


  • Stay away from rail platform edges to avoid falling into the path of an approaching train.

  • Never run near a bus or train. Wait for the next one.

  • Hold a child's hand to ensure they board safely.

  • Hold on to rails and straps to avoid falling while onboard.

For additional information on available Metro transit services or to plan your next commute, please call 1-800-COMMUTE or visit WWW.MTA.NET.