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MTA Adds Two New Shuttle Lines in Gateway Cities Area of Los Angeles

Tuesday July 01, 2003

MTA has launched two new shuttle bus lines to better serve residents and riders in the Gateway Cities area of Los Angeles. The new lines will operate every 30 minutes, seven days week and will provide late night and early morning trips, and transfer connections with other regional bus and train services in the area.

Shuttles provide riders with frequent service, connections to Metro Blue, Green Lines & regional bus routes in area

Line 611 serves Huntington Park, Bell, Cudahy, South Gate, Florence, Vernon, Maywood and Walnut Park from 4:30 a.m. to 12 a.m. with 30-minute headways during the day and 60-minute headways in the late evening. Line 612 serves Huntington Park, Bell, Cudahy, South Gate, Lynwood, Watts and Walnut Park from 5 a.m. to 12 a.m. with 30-minute headways during the day and 60- minute headways in the late evening.

The Metro Gateway Cities Service Sector, which plans local bus service changes, has also restructured Lines 105, 107, 119 and canceled Lines 56 and 112. The new shuttle routes have replaced most of the restructured or cancelled segments of these lines operating in the Mid-Cities area.

The new shuttle buses provide riders with stops at the Imperial/ Wilmington/Rosa Parks Station where they can transfer to either the Metro Blue Line serving Los Angeles to Long Beach or the Metro Green Line serving Norwalk to Redondo Beach.

“The launch of these two shuttle routes means more frequent service to local riders,” said Rich Rogers, General Manager for the Gateway Cities Service Sector. “Typical bus arrival times on this route occurred approximately every 40-60 minutes. By introducing shuttle service, we’ve now cut that wait time to every 30 minutes during the day, a substantial improvement that will save our transit patrons time and give them more travel options.”

The two lines connect with each other in Huntington Park, Florence and South Gate for riders who may wish to transfer from one bus line to the other.

These new shuttle services are part of 18 service improvements made possible through the Metro Gateway Cities Service Sector, which worked closely with the local community in the past to plan service improvements. All service improvements incorporate their feedback during public meetings earlier this year.

MTA began operating lines 611 and 612 June 29 as part of its 100+ countywide bus service improvements. These bi-annual bus service changes are intended to better meet the needs of MTA’s transit customers while improving the efficiency of the agency’s bus operations.

Timetable information for new shuttle Lines 611 and 612 is available on these lines as well as connecting Lines 105, 107, and 119, and may also be obtained by visiting MTA’s Web site at or calling 1-800-C-O-M-M-U-T-E.

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