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Metro Statement

Monday February 02, 2004

Today, the Board of Directors authorized a limited appeal to U.S. District Judge Terry Hatter of the January 12, 2004 Order of Special Master Donald Bliss.

The MTA will not appeal and will fully implement the units of additional bus service contained in the Special Master's Order. However, the MTA believes that through more efficient scheduling of its buses it can provide all such units of service with fewer than the 145 buses identified by the Special Master.

The MTA will ask Judge Hatter to modify the Special Master's Order to allow a more efficient use of its resources. In addition, the MTA will ask Judge Hatter to strike the portion of Special Master's Order which requires the purchase of new buses in addition to those needed to provide the additional service.

The MTA believes that such buses, which would be used as replacement for existing buses, are not needed since the MTA already has one of the youngest bus fleet of its size in the nation.

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