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Thursday February 04, 2016

Rail Line Officially Opens March 5, 2016 When the Metro Gold Line Extension Project officially opens to the public on Saturday, March 5, 2016, commuters in the San Gabriel Valley will have easy access to six brand new intermodal park and ride facilities that will make it easy to connect by a variety of modes to L.A. County’s newest rail line. 

Combined, these park & ride facilities and stations provide more than 1,500 car parking spaces, as well as 255 bicycle racks and lockers for bicycle commuters.

What’s more, each station has been carefully designed as an intermodal transportation hub that accommodates vehicles, bicyclists, pedestrians and bus riders via regional bus connections.  Thirteen different Metro and municipally operated bus lines will connect to the six new rail stations. 

The Arcadia, Monrovia, Irwindale and APU/Citrus College Stations feature new multi-level parking structures. Duarte Station will include a park & ride lot for rail commuters. The Downtown Azusa parking structure, also brand new, was built separately by the City of Azusa in partnership with Foothill Transit, and will include reserved parking spaces expressly for Gold Line transit customers.  

The listing of available park & ride facilities, bike parking and bus line connections for the Gold Line Foothill Extension is as follows:

Arcadia Station

Parking Garage, 73 East Santa Clara Street, Arcadia, CA 91006

Parking Lot, 73 East Santa Clara Street, Arcadia, CA 91006

300 parking spaces

20 Bike racks, 24 bike lockers

Bus Connections:  Metro Local 79, Metro Express 487, Foothill Transit 187

Monrovia Station

Parking Garage, 1641 South Primrose Avenue, Monrovia, CA  91016

350 parking spaces

20 Bike racks, 24 bike lockers

Bus Connections:  Metro Local 264, Metro Local 270, Foothill Transit 494

Duarte/City of Hope Station

Parking Lot, 1700 Business Center Drive, Duarte, CA  91010

125 parking spaces

20 Bike racks, 24 bike lockers

Bus Connections: Metro Local 264,Foothill Transit 272

Irwindale Station

Parking Garage, 6363 N. Irwindale Avenue, Irwindale, CA  91702

350 parking spaces

11 Bike racks, 24 bike lockers

Bus Connections: Foothill Transit 185, 187, 494, 496

Azusa Downtown Station

Parking Garage, 801 N. Alameda Avenue, Azusa, CA  91762

237 parking spaces

20 bike racks, 24 bike lockers

Bus Connections: Foothill Transit 185, 187, 280, 494, 496

APU/Citrus College Station

Parking Garage, 901 North Citrus Avenue, Azusa, CA  91723

200 parking spaces

20 bike racks, 24 bike lockers

Bus Connections: Foothill Transit 187, 281, 284, 488, 494

The Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority, which built the rail line and most park & ride facilities, has also built enhancements to make it easier and safer to travel to and from the stations by bus, bike and walking. Enhancements include new traffic signals, concrete bus pads, bus shelters, benches, sidewalks and ramps, curb ramps, enhanced crosswalks, landscaping, trees and tree wells, irrigations, pedestrian street lights, roadway improvements and other related work at and around the six new stations. Each parking facility also includes three electric vehicle charging stations. 

The Metro Gold Line Extension was able to benefit from updated Metro design standards that allow for higher bike parking requirements, improved placement and new specifications for more durable, maintainable bike lockers. Each bike rack can accommodate two bikes and racks have been positioned closer within the station itself to be more visible to the public and within view of security cameras. Due to space needs, bike lockers are also conveniently located within most parking structures, which themselves are in close proximity to station entrances. 

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