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Metro Art Unveils New Photo Installation at Downtown LA’s 7th St./Metro Center


Friday February 10, 2006

The temporary six-month exhibition is arranged in a series of seven large internally illuminated boxes on the west mezzanine, and presents a glowing, luminous, and colorful display that engages Metro riders on their daily commute.

Metro Art Lightbox Program::Photography on Exhibit

7th St./Metro Center
'Photo Binge'
by Colette Fu
‘Coming and Going’
by Stephen Galloway
‘The Future’s Owned by You and Me’
by Soo Kim

An intriguing installation of work by award-winning artist Colette Fu entitled “Photo Binge” has been installed in the 7th St./Metro Center Station in downtown Los Angeles.

Fu was one of six artists from 189 artist applicants from across the country whose work was selected by a panel of artists and curators for display in Metro Rail stations.

“The response from our customers has been outstanding,” said Jorge Pardo, Metro’s public arts and design manager. “The glowing imagery generates lively feedback and makes for a more interesting station environment.”

Colette Fu

Ms. Fu, an artist based in Philadelphia, holds a Master of Fine Arts in photography from Rochester Institute of Technology and has won a number of fellowships and awards for her work.

‘Photo Binge’ satirizes an urban, commodity-driven culture that focuses on food, health, nutrition, beauty and the surface of things. The collage of images depicts various binge activities such as eating, exercising and shopping. Fu chose sports-related backgrounds to engage these images because they reference bone, sweat, desire, spectatorship, competition, achievement and the constant social habit of judging, evaluating and comparing.

“My attempt is to show the destructive impulses that I have already experienced within the obsessiveness of the journey and imprint of what has become a daily preoccupation of millions of people,” says Fu. “In my artwork I have a need for complexity that is obsessive, rewarding and most of all fun. I hope that my imagery can help bring viewers into a sort of public waking dream state where they can later explore and become aware of their own private fears, hopes and desires,” says Fu.

Two additional artists will have their work displayed at Metro Red Line stations:

Stephen Galloway

Mr. Galloway is a Bay-area artist, holds a Master of Fine Arts in photography from San Francisco State University and has exhibited throughout California.

‘Coming and Going’ features a series of seven images of a mighty tree laid horizontally and considers our relationship to nature as one now existing mainly between manmade objects.

“This series of images addresses environmental concerns by examining the structure of our relationship to the environment,” says Galloway. The work will be located at Wilshire/Normandie Station mezzanine.

Soo Kim

Ms. Kim, a Los Angeles area artist, has exhibited her works internationally and has received awards from the Durfee Foundation and Los Angeles Center for Photographic Studies. She received a Bachelors of Arts from the University of California at Riverside and a Masters of Fine Arts from the California Institute of the Arts.

‘The Future’s Owned by You and Me’ presents vaguely familiar spaces within the context of transportation. As noted by Ms. Kim, “The images disrupt the sense of place usually established in photographs, confusing intimacy and distance, difference and sameness. In these images, there lives the idea of being somewhere and nowhere simultaneously.” The work will be located in the Hollywood/Highland Station.

Metro Art Lightbox Program

Established in 2001 to provide quality photography exhibits to a broad audience of transit users, the Metro Art Lightbox Program is one of Metro’s public art programs. The Lightbox program has drawn submittals from hundreds of photo-based artists nationwide. Past displays have included such well known artists as Robbert Flick, Eileen Cowin, Paul Groh, Charles la Belle, Andrew Z. Glickman and the team of Walter Martin and Paloma Munoz.

The agency offers public art tours through the Metro Docent Council. Free tours are offered the first Saturday and Sunday of every month. For more information contact Barbara Lashenick or call 213.922.2738. Free tours for groups of 15 or more are available by special arrangement.

For more information about the Metro Art Program, visit or call Metro Art at 213-922-4ART.

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