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Juror Pass Program will Allow L.A. Superior Court Jurors to Trade Mileage Allowance For MTA Weekly Transit Pass

Monday March 03, 2003

(Los Angeles) - MTA and Los Angeles Superior Court today launched the Juror Pass Program, which will offer MTA weekly transit passes to jurors in exchange for their vehicle mileage reimbursement.

Jurors can Trade Traffic Congestion for Convenience

Initially the program will be available to all jurors who report to one of four downtown Los Angeles courts: Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center, 210 W. Temple St.; Stanley Mosk Courthouse, 111 N. Hill St.; Central Civil West Courthouse, 600 S. Commonwealth St.; and Metropolitan Courthouse, 1945 S. Hill St.

“The Juror Pass Program will provide a convenient travel alternative to many people called for jury duty who otherwise would be driving to downtown Los Angeles alone,” said Roger Snoble, MTA CEO. “The program is also an excellent way to introduce more county residents to the benefits of using the Metro Bus and Metro Rail systems in their other day-to-day travels.”

Other benefits of the program include increased mobility for jurors, readily available Metro Bus and Metro Rail service in the downtown area, no parking problems or long walks to the courthouse, expanded range of dining and shopping opportunities during lunch periods, and decreased downtown traffic congestion.

“The innovative Juror Pass Program is an added benefit for jurors serving on trials in downtown Los Angeles,” said Los Angeles Superior Court Presiding Judge Robert A. Dukes. “MTA’s buses and trains offer close-to-home service for thousands of jurors who will undoubtedly favor public transportation over potential traffic and parking problems.”

Jurors will receive information about the program on their summons and be able to opt into the program on their first reporting day. Posters promoting the program will be posted and brochures, bus and train schedules will be available at each of the juror assembly rooms.

The Juror Pass will be valid throughout MTA’s service area on all local, limited-stop and Metro Rapid buses, as well as on the Metro Rail system which includes the Metro Red, Blue and Green lines.

A recent juror survey revealed that about one in five jurors would use the Metro Bus and Metro Rail systems if they were able to exchange their mileage reimbursement for an MTA pass.

MTA and Los Angeles Superior Court will meet in June to evaluate the success of the program and identify other courthouses whose jurors would benefit from the program.

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