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Welcome to Off Peak!

Off Peak celebrates the true tales and secret stories that happen between Point A and Point B in Southern California and beyond. Challenging the traditional car-centric narrative of Los Angeles, Off Peak explores the rich history and future of rail, bus, cycling, walking and all manner of getting around in LA.

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Episode 2: Roads Were Not Built for Cars

Tracing the evolution of American roads from ancient paths for mastodons to smoothly paved roads designed for bicyclists; how we got to the car-covered roads of today is a tangle of coincidences and conspiracies that no one would have predicted.

Episode 1: True Tales from Bus Drivers

Get a front-row seat to the twists and turns of maneuvering a bus full of passengers through Los Angeles. From nerve-wracking first days, getting lost en route, sexism, homelessness and the riders that make it all worth it, Metro bus drivers are the modern Zen masters of the streets.

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Yes, its true we have more podcasts. These can be streamed from our Soundcloud page and cover various topics within Metro and the transit / travel world.

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Telephone Town Hall Meetings

Art on the Metro Expo Line Phase II

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The Source

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HWR, Sept. 19: here comes autumn, here comes election season
Posted by Steve Hymon on September 19, 2016 2:07 pm
Rams are in first place!: I’ll be posting the ridership estimates for the Rams game on Sunday over at this post, where we have plenty of pics already. Looks like it was pretty busy day out ...
About 21,000 fans went to Rams-Seahawks game on Metro
Posted by Steve Hymon on September 18, 2016 9:46 pm
Post-game at Expo/Vermont Station. Photo: Metro. Fans headed to the game Sunday morning. Photo by Gene Lui, via his Twitter feed. We knew ridership to the Rams thumping of the Seahawks was big with ...
Customer survey of Expo Line riders
Posted by Steve Hymon on September 12, 2016 4:09 pm
View this document on Scribd As the report concludes and I think the takaway: •Overall, 70 percent of those surveyed stated that they were new riders, with 44 previously driving and another 23 ...
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