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NOTE: For more detailed information including average boardings, view current Ridership Statistic.

Metro Buses

Bus Stops 15,967
Square Miles in Service Area 1,433
Number of Bus Routes 170
Total Metro Bus Fleet 2,228
Buses leased to contractors to provide service on Metro routes (Included in total) 173

Metro Rail

Stations  93
Miles of Service  98.5
Number of Lines  4 Light Rail, 2 Subway

Metro Rail and Transitways

Red/ Purple
Opened 1990       1993
MacArthur Park, 1993; Wilshire/ Western, 1996; Hollywood, 1999; North Hollywood, 
1995       2003 Eastside Extension, 

Azusa Extension 2016
2005 Extension from Canoga Park to Chatsworth, 
2009   South Bay and El Monte via Downtown Los Angeles  2012      
Total Annual Boardings FY2015 26.4 million 47.5 million 12.4 million 14 million 8.6 million 6.8 million 9.9 million
Miles 22 17.4 20 31 18       n/a 7.5
Type Light Rail Subway/Subway Light Rail  Light Rail  Transitway Transitway Light Rail 
Stations 22 (inc. 3 shared) 16
(inc. 6 shared)
14 (inc. 1 shared) 27
(inc. 1 shared)
(inc. 2 shared)
Number of rail cars/buses on route  69 104 29 50 30  41 23
Construction Cost
$877 million $4.5 
$718 million $2.8 
 $587 million $930


HOV - Carpool Lanes
Length in miles 219
Lane miles in both directions 539
Metro funds programmed for HOV Lanes since 1991 $2.7 billion
Metro funds the development of High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) or Carpool Lanes in cooperation with Caltrans.
Metro Freeway Service Patrol
Number of Tow Truck Beats 39
Number of Tow Trucks on Patrol 123
Number of Freeway Miles Served 475
Number of Motorists Assisted Monthly (Average) 25,000
Number of Motorists Assisted Annually 300,000
Motorists hours saved annually from sitting in traffic 9.4 million
Gallons of fuel savings annually 16.2 million
Emissions reductions annually 150 million kilograms
Annual Budget $33 million


Metro-Funded Bikeways
Bike Routes   64 miles
Bike Lanes   107 miles
Bike Paths   117 miles

Metro Personnel

Includes full & part-time bus & rail Operators. Metro Bus/Rail Operators are members of the United Transportation Union (UTU)
Mechanics and Maintenance
Metro Mechanics are members of the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU)
Most Metro Clerks are members of the Transportation Communications Union (TCU)
Bus and Rail Transportation and Maintenance Supervisors
Members are with The American Federation of State, County and municipal Employees union (AFSCME)
Security Guards
Metro Security Guards are members of Teamsters Union
Metro Full-Time Staff
Represented Employees 8,570
Non-represented Employees 1,322
Total full-time staff 9,892
Metro Security/Transit Police 
Under contract with Metro, the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department (LASD) provides security along the entire Metro bus and rail network in cooperation with Metro's own Transit Police Force.  

FY 2016 Budget

ResourcesIn Millions
Passenger Fares $376
TDA/STA $487.5
Prop A – Cent Sales Tax $763.5
Prop C – Cent Sales Tax $763.5
Measure R - Sales Tax $763.5
Federal and State Grants $950.3
Bond Proceeds $1,317.2
Other System-generated revenues


Total Resources



In Millions 
Bus Operations $1,050.4
Rail Operations $399.2
Regional Activities $22.8
Measure R Transit Capital $1,525.2
Operating Capital $469.2
Regional Rail Capital  $46.6
Highway Capital $90.3
Subsidy Funding Programs $1,373.1
Congestion Management $93.1
General Planning & Programs $169.8
Debt Service  $328.7
Total Expenses $5,568.4


Information on this tab covers Metro’s capital projects including Measure R, Corridor Studies, Highway Programs, and construction projects. Click on the 'Launch Tracker' button to see all of the projects or use the quick links below to jump to a specific projects list.

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