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News Releases from September, 2007

September 27, 2007
Metro Board of Directors Authorizes $455 Million for Wide Array of Transportation Improvements

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) Board of Directors today approved $454,520,000 for 169 LA County transportation projects that range from bridge widening and major street improvements to traffic signal synchronization, bikeways, pedestrian amenities and other local mobility projects as part of the 2007-2013 Countywide Call for Projects program.

Keywords: "Board Of Directors", Transportation, Improvements
September 26, 2007
Go Metro to NoHo Scene in North Hollywood October 6

Go Metro to the “NoHo Scene” in North Hollywood’s unique arts district October 6 for a full day of festival fun for all ages.

Keywords: "Go Metro", "NoHo Scene", "North Hollywood"
September 25, 2007
Public Invited to Participate in Metro Westside Extension Transit Corridor Study Meetings in October

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) will be conducting several meetings in October to obtain public comment on the agency’s Westside Transit Corridor Study, which will analyze various transit alternatives and environmental impacts for the possible extension of the Metro Red Line or Metro Purple Line to West Los Angeles.

Keywords: Public, Participate, Metro, "Westside Transit Corridor Study", Meetings
September 25, 2007
Metro Features Highland Park on New Poster by Local Artist

A new poster celebrating Highland Park -- one of many destinations customers can travel to via Metro -- will be on display on Metro buses and rail cars through October.

Keywords: Metro, "Highland Park", Poster, "Local Artist"
September 20, 2007
Go Metro to Altcar Expo Oct. 19, 20 and Help Heal the Air

Environmentally friendly Metro is the perfect way to get to the Alternative Energy and Transportation (AltCar) Expo Oct. 19 and 20. Not only does public transit help keep our air clean by moving great numbers of people. Metro has the largest fleet of clean-burning compressed natural gas (CNG) buses in the nation. More than 90 percent of the Metro fleet operates on CNG.

Keywords: "Go Metro", "Altcar Expo", "Help Heal The Air"
September 19, 2007
Southland Transit Agencies Hail Traffic News Reporters as “Part of the Solution” to Region’s Giant Traffic Jam

PBS television host and the region’s official Rideshare spokesman Huell Howser welcomed traffic reporters to 11th Annual Golden Pylon Awards Sept. 19 in Hollywood. Awards spotlight achievement of broadcast traffic reporters who help keep the traffic moving by pitching Rideshare and other public transit options. Presentation follows release of much-anticipated Texas Transportation Institute’s 2007 Annual Urban Mobility Report, the nationally known study on traffic congestion in the nation's 85 largest metropolitan areas. Event is a prelude to Rideshare Week Oct. 1 -5.

Keywords: Southland, "Transit Agencies", "News Reporters", "Part Of The Solution", "Giant Traffic Jam"
September 18, 2007
STATEMENT BY METRO CEO ROGER SNOBLE Re: Reaction to Texas Transportation Institute’s Traffic Congestion Report

The Texas Transportation Institute’s congestion report released this morning is a strong validation of the multi-pronged approach Metro has taken to relieve traffic congestion in Los Angeles County. While the Los Angeles region remains the nation’s most congested, we also rank number one in terms of operational improvements that squeeze more capacity out of our streets and highways and number three in savings as a result of our public transportation.

Keywords: Statement, "Roger Snoble", CEO, "Texas Transportation Institute", "Traffic Congestion Report"
September 17, 2007
Go Metro to the Latino International Film Festival Oct. 7-14

Go Metro to the 11th annual Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival Oct. 7 through 14 at ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood.

Keywords: "Go Metro", "Latino International Film Festival"
September 13, 2007
Construction Activities Begins Sept. 14 in Boyle Heights for Metro Gold Line Eastside Extension

Metro construction crews will begin Friday, September 14 to build curb, gutters and to lay rail tracks for the light rail project of the Metro Gold Line Eastside Extension.

Keywords: Construction, Metro, "Gold Line", "Eastside Extension"
September 11, 2007
Metro Offers Free e-mail Service Alerts and Updates to Receive Latest Metro Information

Metro now offers free e-mail service alerts and updates delivered to your inbox. Customize the type of updates and alerts by choosing your topic.

Keywords: Metro, Free, E-mail, "Service Alerts", Updates
September 07, 2007
Metro Construction for Metro Gold Line Eastside Extension Proceed in Boyle Heights, Union Station

Construction of the Metro Gold Line Eastside Extension light rail project will be active on three fronts in downtown Los Angeles and Boyle Heights areas the week of September 10.

Keywords: Metro, "Gold Line", "Eastside Extension", "Boyle Heights", "Union Station"
September 05, 2007
Los Angeles Metro Tailors ‘Metro School Pool’ Program to Encourage Ridesharing for Fall Term

Schools throughout L.A. County can now provide free customized carpool directories to parents

Keywords: "Los Angeles Metro" "Metro School Pool" Ridesharing "Fall Term"
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