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News Releases from February, 2003

February 27, 2003
MTA Board of Directors Approves Purchase of 200 High-capacity Articulated Compressed Natural Gas Buse

The MTA Board of Directors today approved the purchase of 200 high capacity 60-foot articulated buses powered by compressed natural gas as the final installment of the Board's original plan to purchase nearly 2,100 new buses. The articulated buses seat 50 percent more passengers than a standard 40-foot bus.

Keywords: board of directors, Compressed Natural Gas, buses
February 27, 2003
MTA Board Approves Nine-member Governance Council for Metro San Fernando Valley Service Sector

The MTA Board of Directors has approved the selection of nine diverse community leaders and activists to serve on the governance council for the Metro San Fernando Valley Service Sector. The newly formed council will work closely with the service sector and local community to help govern ongoing bus service improvements for the Valley.

Keywords: San Fernando Valley, Service Sector, governance council, Board
February 26, 2003
Bus of the Future is Latest Addition to MTA Bus Fleet

The MTA keeps improving its bus fleet with 20 new vehicles named "Compo-buses," which will debut in revenue service this week in the South Bay. The "Compo-bus" is a 40 foot, 40-seat coach with a corrosion proof and carbon fiber reinforced body.

Keywords: Bus Fleet
February 24, 2003
MTA Holds Public Hearing on Catalina Island to Determine Use of Transportation Funds

The MTA will conduct a public hearing on Santa Catalina Island on Tuesday, March 4, to receive ideas and suggestions for meeting public transportation needs on Santa Catalina Island. The hearing will be held in Avalon at the Catalina Justice Court, 215 Metropole Avenue, starting at 7:00 p.m.

Keywords: Public Hearing, Catalina Island, Transportation Funds
February 12, 2003
Metro Becoming More Cost-Effective for Commuters as Gasoline Prices Continue to Rise

Metro bus and rail service is becoming an even better alternative for Los Angeles County commuters as prices for gasoline continue to rise in Southern California.

Keywords: Commuters, Gas Prices
February 12, 2003
Metro Rail Best Way to View L.A. Marathon

Metro Rail will be the best bet for thousands of race fans wishing to view the 18th annual L.A. Marathon that will take place Sunday, March 2, on the streets of Central and South Los Angeles.

Keywords: Rail, LA Marathon
February 04, 2003
MTA Begins Testing Segway™ Human Transporters for Security Details at Key Transit Stations and Facilities

Security patrol officers at key MTA transit stations and facilities will be able to better monitor sites and increase their visibility thanks to an MTA pilot project to test Segway Human Transporters (HTs) in security patrols.

Keywords: Segway Human Transporters, Security Details
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